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Welcome to our frequently asked questions page where you can find the answers to those most pressing of questions.
Should you have a question that is not yet listed here, it may be included as a part our Terms & Conditions page.
Of course, if you’re still not quite coming right then please do contact us. For product-related queries contact Carey on 083 795 1384.

This page is updated regularly and your feedback in this regard is much appreciated so please do reach out if you’re struggling to find anything!

Your helium balloons

+ - Do you offer customised balloons?

Yes, we do! We offer our very popular personalised bubble balloon which is clear – what goes inside is completely up to you, whether it be confetti, feathers or mini balloons. The vinyl on the bubble can be customised in different colours and the tassels or ribbon, if ordered in sufficient time, can be customised to your colours of choice too.

In addition to our custom bubbles, we can add custom vinyl to just about any order (max. 5 words per balloon) for an additional R30.

Please add your custom requests to the delivery details section upon checkout.

+ - Can I change the colours or wording of an existing bouquet?

Yes, you can! Simply place your order and add all the specifics in the comment section when you check out. Please note that the colours of the balloon can change, but unfortunately not the type of balloon. Should we not be able to accommodate you, we will gladly contact you with alternative options.

+ - Do you ship deflated orders?

Not yet. However, this is something we are hoping to do in the near future, providing you with balloon kits that can be shipped nationwide!

+ - How do I order a quote for a balloon arch or garland?

As these are custom orders, you can either fill out a request form on our contact page to place an order, or pop us a WhatsApp on 083 795 1384.

+ - How long does helium last?

We aim to use the best biodegradable balloons. 11- and 12-inch helium balloons have a lifespan of 8 – 10 hours given that they are in good weather conditions and are well cared for (see ‘how do I look after my balloons after collection / delivery?’ below for out-of-store care tips). Mylar and foil balloons last 3 – 5 days. Should you want your balloons to last longer than 24 hours, please add your request for the hi-float option in the delivery notes upon checkout. This gel will allow for a longer float time. Please note that the above float times cannot be guaranteed.

We recommend collecting or inflating your balloons two hours prior to your event.

+ - Will you fill balloons I already have?

Yes, we can certainly fill balloons provided by our clients. Pricing for this is dependent on the size of the balloons you bring through and how much helium will need to be used. Please note that if balloons are not purchased from Balloons Inc. and are provided from an alternative supplier, that Balloons Inc. cannot be held responsible should the provided balloons have defects, burst when being filled or not float.

+ - What if my balloon bursts after I have left the store?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our product, we cannot be held responsible for your purchase after it has left our store or the delivery has been accepted.

+ - How do I look after my balloons after collection?

A number of different factors can cause your balloons to burst. We suggest avoiding the following:

  • doorways, awnings and textured ceilings
  • car windscreen or other metal surfaces
  • air conditioning at high speeds
  • hot surfaces, heat, high humidity and direct sunlight*
  • wind can cause popping or tearing if the balloon is tugged in the opposite direction to the wind
  • sharp surfaces
  • static
  • keeping balloons in a bag for more than an hour

* High temperatures will significantly reduce the float time of your helium balloons: the float time of a standard 11-inch balloon may decrease from 8-10 hours to 3-4 hours. As helium molecules heat, they start moving and expanding which puts pressure on the interior surface of a latex balloon. This expansion can also cause your balloon to burst in addition to a reduced float time.


+ - Can I collect my balloons in-store?

Yes, of course! We have a click and collect option available. You can pick up your order at our store! Our address is Shop 25, Kensington Village, 21 Mackeurtan Avenue, Durban North.

+ - Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we deliver for a fee. Shipping fees are calculated based on predefined shipping zones. These zones are organised by postal codes. Shipping fees will be applied to your basket after your shipping address has been entered on checkout. Please note that as balloons don’t manage a trip of more than 60km well, we do not deliver to areas beyond the 60km radius from our store. In addition, we have a click and collect option.


For our balloon garlands, delivery and set up is calculated dependent on area and size of installation.

eCommerce Queries

+ - How do I register as a customer?

Registering is as easy as owning an email address and creating a password of your choice. To register, navigate to the login button on the top menu. After clicking on login, a pop up appears with two tabs: login and register. New customers need to click on the register tab which will then open a registration form. Create a username of your choice that you will remember (with a maximum of 10 characters) as this will be used to login as an existing customer going forward. Then enter your email address. Lastly, you will be prompted to create a password and to confirm that password. For security reasons a strong password using capital letters, numbers and special characters are recommended. Then click on the register button. Once registered, return to the login tab and login using your username and password. You will be redirected to your user dashboard.

+ - I can't remember my password, now what?

Resetting your password can be done via your user dashboard. When you navigate to the user dashboard, a pop up appears that allows you to either login, register or reset pass. Click on the reset pass tab, enter either your username or the email address you used to register and click on the new password button. Open your email and click on the reset password link. Once reset, you can login immediately using your new password. Thereafter you will directed to the my account page.

+ - My physical address or email address has changed, how do I update it?

Changing your address, phone number or email address can be done via the my account page. Once on your account page, use the dashboard on the left of your screen to navigate to the relevant section.

To change your billing or shipping address, click on address on your dashboard. You will be taken to the page where you can adjust your billing address and (if needed) your shipping address, phone number and email address. Just click on edit, make the adjustments as needed and then click the save address button.

To change more general details like your email address or password, navigate to the account details option in the dashboard and make changes as needed. Don’t forget to save!

+ - Can I make purchases as a guest user?

Creating an account with us is so quick and easy that we don’t feel guest checkout is needed. You can even create an account as part of the checkout function.

+ - I'm having trouble applying a coupon to my cart, what do I do next?

If you have a coupon code, please ensure that the code is entered correctly. If you are still struggling to apply the coupon, please reach out to our technical department for personalised assistance.

+ - How do you calculate shipping fees?

Shipping fees are calculated based on predefined shipping zones. These zones are organised by postal codes. Shipping fees will be applied to your basket after your shipping address has been entered on checkout. Please note that as balloons don’t manage a trip of more than 60km well, we do not deliver to areas beyond the 60km radius from our store.